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Urgent bug report for iOS6

In the contents text search, "Paste" button doesn't function correctly. I am fixing the bug. Please wait for the update. Sorry for inconvenience.

"S-note" or "S-note Free" is your Special/Scraping/Super multimedia note App.

+ You can collect your favorite information through the Internet pages easily.
+ I myself use this App for checking, categorizing, and remembering wild birds, but I am sure that you can use this for any animals, insects, plants, flowers and other things.

+ Put a title into the first field. (Example: Bird, Plant, Flower or Person's name, etc.)

+ Push contents text "Search" button to look for the title on Wikipedia, Google or other pages. 
+ Push "Textize" button to convert your target page to selectable text.
+ Select lines that you want to copy. Or deselect the lines that you don't need.
+ Finally push "Paste" button to put the selected lines into the contents text box of your data.

+ Push photo "Search" button to look for the title on Google Images. 
+ Touch the photo or picture that you want to copy. Then it will be inserted into photo part of your data.

+ Push sound "Search" button to look for the sound key words on Google. 
+ Push links to go to mp3 or wav file linking pages, and copy the URL of the link.
+ Finally push "Paste" button to put the sound URL into Sound part of your data.

+ To modify the data, push the line of title list to select. And you can change it. The data will be saved before you do other actions.
+ Push +(plus) button to add one item of data.
+ If you want to delete date, swipe the title list line to show delete button, then you can delete the line by pushing the button.

+ You can set sound key word.
+ You can delete all data.
+ (ONLY S-note version) You can sign in, upload data to and download data from Dropbox.

7) S-note Free or S-note
+ S-note Free has 10 data, 1 photo, and 1 sound limit, and no Dropbox upload/download feature.
S-note Free - ITCS S-note Free

+ S-note has no limit for data, photo, and sound, and through Dropbox you can upload and download your data.

S-note is not yet available on the App Store

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